Karnafuly Ship Builders Ltd. is the leading provider of quality construction of ocean going and inland vessels. Established in 1994 and serving government and commercial marine industry with quality construction services. Having one of the largest privately owned shipyard in Bangladesh with capacity to dock 2 vessels each upto 350 feet in length at a time. The yard is comprised of 8 (Eight) acres of land with fully equipped Marine workshop, lofting shop and fabrication facilities. It has a marketing office in Singapore and United States with drawing-design features dealt by G B Marine (Singapore) Limited. Services rendered by KSBL are design, drawing, building of Dredger, Tug, Barge, Cargo Ship, Fishing Trawler, Passenger Vessel, Patrol & Pilot Vessel, Crew Boat, Naval Craft etc.

This shipyard has remarkably reconstructed a 15000 DWT, 10000 BHP tanker named M.T. Banglar Shourabh of Bangladesh Shipping Corporation (BSC). This tanker was exploded seriously while undergoing tank cleaning and was about to sink. Karnafuly Ship Builders Limited has promptly salvaged the ship, then the ship was towed to Chittagong Port where she was cut into two pieces and reconstructed with about 700 tonnes of steel. The vessel has been under operation for the last 10 years without any complain. Karnafuly Ship Builders Limited has proved its excellence in marine engineering and ship building in Bangladesh.

KSBL is the pioneer of building Tug boats and Dredgers in Bangladesh. During last 25 years KSBL has repared/renovated more than 600 vessels and built over 200 new vessels of various type.

So far, this company has built and delivered 11xCSD 650, 10xCSD 500. 13x CSD 450.The sister concern of KSBL, Karnafuly Dry Dock Ltd has undertaken a project to build a Drydock of 100000 DWT capacity by the left bank of the river Karnafuly at Anwara Upazilla of Chittagong district, supported by loan from World bank. Apart from the above as a part corporate social responsibility (CSR) we have training facilities for Welders, Cutters, Technicians and engineers who can undergo training free of cost. We also run school, madrasa and mosque in Bangladesh.