What we do

Designing, Building and Deployment

We cater to a wide varity of customers, providing a wide variety of services.
Services related to Ship Building and Naval Structures

Ship Building

Many tasks are involved when building a new ship from its foundation. KSBL takes pride in assuring every safety measure is taken into account.

Ship Repair

Transforming an inoperable vessels to its working standard can be hard. We take pride in assuring quality service to remodel vessels.

Dredger Building

An extensive standard range of powerful and robust dredgers is available, such as cutter suction dredgers, DOP dredgers, trailing pipe systems as well as a wide variety of dredging components

know us


Karnafuly Ship Builders Limited (KSBL) one of the largest privately-owned shipbuilding country of Bangladesh started its operation in 1994. Till date it has  built over 600 various type of vessels including Dredger, Tug Boat, Oil Tanker, Fishing Trawler, Passenger vessel & Pilot Vessel etc. KSBL is the pioneer of Building Tug Boats and Dredgers in Bangladesh. KSBL has 02 Nos. Shipyard, 01 Nos. in Chittagong and other in Narayangonj. There is also a Dry Dock having capacity of 100,000 DWT located in Chittagong. With time Karnafuly Ship Builders Ltd. has become one of the largest Dredger manufacturer in the world.

So far

What we have delivered

We have proudly served government and non government organization.
with viriety of vesseles, dredgers, cargo ships, passanger boats, tug boats and so on.

We do differntly whatever we do.

Here are few other ventures we are involved in and operating with pride.

Cold Storage

Keeps Food Safe & Healthy

Located on the bank of karnafuly river with 40 storage unit upto 40000sft for fruit and fish.

Karnafuly Complex

For Needs in Everyday Life

There are 475 units for shops like grocery, vegitable, fish, meat, medicine etc in this market.

South Point School & College

Excellence In Education

From 2003 educating students to turn them academically and intellectually good citizens and honest leaders.

Karnafuly Express

Enjoy Luxurious Voyage 

Cruise Ship from Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin with 750 passenger capacity.

Check the Documentary

What we have done so far and where we intend to take our Business

It was a great journey since 1994 growing step by step. We have started repairing small ships and now we are world class ship building company from Bangladesh. We are serving significant amount of vessels for government and stepping into the world market through collaboration with many international companies.

Karnafuly Drydock Limited

Our dry dock is a narrow basin that can be flooded to allow
a load to be floated in, then drained to allow that load to rest on a dry platform.

Dry docks are used for the construction, maintenance, and repair of ships, boats, and other watercraft Karnafuly Ship Builders Limited (KSBL), managed by some highly qualified and long experienced personnel is planning to establish a Dry Dock under the administrative limit of the Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) on the Karnafuly River to construct and repair ships in the name of the project company Karnafuly Dry Dock Limited (KDDL) in Badalpura, Marine Academy, Anowara, Chittagong.